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Charity Commission Notice

The BMA Foundation for Medical Research consists of four existing separate registered charities (the HC Roscoe Trust Fund (277391), the James Trust (233691), the British Medical Association Scholarship Trust Fund (245997), and the Joan Dawkins Fund (276097)). Currently, each trust has differing purposes and these are set out under each respective charity number on the Charity Commission website.

The trustees of each charity are committed to ensuring that all charitable funds are holistically used to their best effect and as such have applied to the charity commission to bring together the charities under one formal, newly established Charitable Incorporated Organisation to be called the “BMA Foundation”.

As there is significant overlap amongst the activities, governance and administration of the four charities. The trustees have therefore decided that a merger of the four charities is desirable in order that the assets of each can be used more effectively and in order to streamline operations and reduce administrative costs.

The objects of the new BMA Foundation will be to focus on the overall advancement of health and the relief of sickness for the public benefit. This will include the promotion of medical research, the publication of the results of such research for the benefit of the public and investigation of new methods of medical research as well as the further education of medical practitioners and the investigation of new methods of educating medical practitioners to encourage the highest standards in medical practice.

Currently, the purposes of the Joan Dawkins Fund and the British Medical Association Scholarship Trust Fund are similar. However, the purposes of the James Trust and the HC Roscoe Trust Fund are much narrower and focus on particular illnesses. 

Therefore, to ensure that the wishes of the original benefactors to the charities are fulfilled, the HC Roscoe Trust Fund and the James Trust will be held as restricted funds by the BMA Foundation. The below is a notice from the charity commission explaining the related amendments to the respective trust’s purposes. These have been drafted in line with the donor’s original instructions.

Please find below a formal notice for publication as requested by the Charity Commission.


Charity Commission Notice


  • H. C. Roscoe Trust Fund (277391)
  • The James Trust (233691)

The Commission proposes to make a Scheme (a legal document) for these charities.  

The Scheme will change the purpose of the charities to promote medical research into diseases of the human respiratory system.

Copies of the Schemes can be seen at 

(If you cannot access this please call our Contact Centre on 0300 066 9197).

Comments or representations on these proposals can be made to the Commission within one month from 23 November 2020 by completing the form on our website.  Please quote NJ/C-519107’.