For improving the quality of HIV and sexual healthcare

MEDFASH was an independent charity dedicated to improving the quality of HIV and sexual healthcare from 1987 to 2016. The vision of MEDFASH was for everyone who needed it to be able to receive high quality, evidence-based sexual health and HIV care, including preventive interventions.

To continue the legacy of MEDFASH, the BMA foundation awards an annual prize named after MEDFASH to an individual or organization exemplifying MEDFASH’s mission and values, which have been embedded in the prize assessment criteria.

2018 BMA MEDFASH prize is now open for applications

Applicant criteria

The BMA MEDFASH prize is open to any health or social care professional or organisation actively involved in the delivery of HIV or sexual healthcare in the UK. Applicants do not have to be a doctor or BMA member to apply.

Applicants may be nominated or self-nominated and should be currently working in HIV or sexual healthcare in the UK. Achievements included in the letter of nomination and letters of support should relate to contributions carried out in the UK within the preceding five years from the point of application.

Applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Letter of nomination - this should be a detailed letter of no more than 1,000 words describing the achievements and contributions of the nominee using specific examples wherever possible. Achievements and contributions should address the prize assessment criteria and will be assessed on this basis.
  • 2 x letters of support - these should be made by colleagues in a suitable position to appraise the individual or organisation nominated. Letters of support should be no longer than 1,000 words and written in consideration of the prize assessment criteria.
  • CV of nominee (if applicant is an individual)
  • Bibliography (if relevant)

All documents should be submitted in PDF format.  

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Setting standards
    Has the nominee improved standards in the delivery of HIV or sexual healthcare? Have they improved the quality of care delivered? Do new standards promote and improve equity in access to services and quality?
  • Multisector working
    Does the work of the nominee promote a whole-system approach to care delivery with multi-agency or multi-sectoral collaboration? How does this approach overcome current fragmentation of HIV and sexual health commissioning? Does the nominee emphasise the value and importance of the multidisciplinary team in HIV or sexual healthcare delivery? How was the care pathway for people with HIV or sexual health needs optimised through the use of collaborative working?
  • Patient care
    How has the nominee improved patient care and experience? Have changes in service delivery improved focus on outcomes of HIV or sexual health patients?
  • Education and engagement
    Has the nominee improved education amongst non-HIV or non-sexual health specialists to diagnose and manage HIV or other sexual health issues? Has the nominee improved engagement amongst people living with or affected by HIV or other sexual health concerns?
  • Leadership
    Has the nominee improved leadership and accountability to prioritise HIV or sexual health at either a local or national level?

How to apply

To apply please email your application documents (in PDF format) to by Friday 8 June 2018. Please use the subject heading ‘BMA MEDFASH APPLICATION’ in your email.

We aim to inform applicants on the outcome of their application by August 2018.


2017 BMA MEDFASH prize winner - HIV Scotland

HIV Scotland were awarded the prize in recognition of their collaborative work across the sector and leadership in making PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) available in Scotland.

The nomination was supported by Dr Rak Nandwani (NHS GGC, Chair of the HIV Clinical Leads) and Dr Ann Eriksen (NHS Tayside, Executive Lead for Sexual Health & BBV, Co-Chair of the Sexual Health & BBV Executive Leads Network).

HIV Scotland has made an outstanding contribution to HIV and sexual healthcare through its multi-sector working, education, engagement and sustained leadership in Scotland. We are impressed by the demonstrable impact it has had on government policy and professional practice. In its commitment to partnership working, high quality and equitable service provision, and policy grounded in human rights, HIV Scotland very much reflects the ethos and values of the charity MEDFASH, which the BMA MEDFASH prize was set up to perpetuate.